Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words will deep route in my psychology.
Thick or thin
It’ll sink in my skin
And it’s up to me to proclaim it false prodigy.
Yet both master and school
Have taught me not to rule
So I may fall to bad ideology.
Then when I’m depressed
Even when it’s confessed
You’ll claim it is all a dream,
And reality will be nothing more than a sheen,
And how long it can take
For a brain to brake
Is nothing short of a miracle.
Ignorance is bliss.

(Something quick on my way out)

#WomenAgainstMisandry - Women Make Waves

Misandry or feminism- what do you think about the latest trend in abolishing feminism?

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That writer being me attempting to blog on a new site…

You are my favourite

You are my favourite book
and now I can’t get a hold of your words
I am left indifferent to substitutions.
I have never wished another’s success
so selfishly

One i found in drafts

You don’t belong to me
You don’t belong to anything
I’ve made you
of my own
and that grace you are based on
supposed to be
the person who you were to me
it turned out to be
was my imagination,
it’s okay,
I like my imagination.

i really love your blog you're a great writer

aww shucks *blushes* thank you so much, you’ve just brightened my day :) x

I don’t sleep.
I realised i never did,
I say its you but its me
Then when i’m alone its impossible.
I remember.
That it’s just me, same old disgusting and terrible
every night, tossing from committed self reassurance,
turning in wallowed self pity,
Lying awake, stark eyeing the ceiling
Planning fortune, forgiveness,
Floundering the imaginary.
It makes no sense to lie awake and imagine
When there is a whole land of the unconscious beckoning.
I have so much sleep to catch
So much effort unfounded.

I miss you like
Dawn and the day
Few moments of doubt
That the sun will return

Monster tongue

Monsters are we
Different in height,
Flawed yet so persuasive
Our tongue and its might,
With words and wounds
We can conquer the dust,
Send it extinctions
For anything we lust.

We are

we are restless and empty
proving the unproven has proved too proven
always striving to be correct
when it can be so luxurious
finding you are wrong

The lazy lovers lymric

Lets not play a game of knife or jack,
Lets not put the mystery back-
Lets get cosy and sprawl some more
And half argue over the same old chore;
Lets not spite, lets not dance
Lets not attempt to inspire romance,
Lets decay till we are raw,
‘Till the generations figure out what life is for;
Lets be lonesome, lets be quiet
Lets not give a toss about our diet!
Lets be a little longer on this floor,
Entwined as one in our own world’s core.

I want you to stay as you are
Stop moving forward
Stop chasing time
Stop dreaming, doing, accomplishing,
Be happy as you are,
Stop progressing,
Enjoying, living
Without me,
I want you to stay,
To have stayed,
And stilled my objectful heart.