Cancerous poesy

Today I died six months to go
as your hands clawed at it
I thought of the two seasons I’d miss
my life stayed stiff and cold,
I thought how wonderful
to have been.
This must be the beauty cream
taking me of my old

Take me to your leader
‘s followers,
I wish to keep my head
whilst ensuring his downfall through revolt.


Travel is
A footprint on the shore;
every step leaves an imprint
And every wave clears for more
Never to walk the same tale twice.

Double Digits

I haven’t forgiven myself for loving you
I haven’t forgiven myself for loving anyone.
Worse believing it was returned
Worst of all never believing it could be returned.

I’ll meet you in bluebell fields
A sun among skies
I’ll let you come over the hill
cradle your kill.

Bow my cheek to chest,
remain unforgiving,
shadow my neck in understanding

Shoreline medicinal feet
Clocks will dispense
and I the framed
collect dust,
for the better of us.


We can’t keep still.
My atoms are like mistakes
waiting to hatch and blurr
to those of the lake
colours blending brilliantly
for you for me
there is no solidarity
just illusions or what is
what isn’t
and what should be.
Keep moving
Keep fumbling through
life will do
as will you.

I have, i will, i am

I have climbed the deepest vortex of destitution
I have entered a swamp smogged in illusions
I have hung with blood flanked up my waist
And am here amid all my vibrant disgrace
Standing open palmed as a beggar for the sun
Don’t take me now, i have already won
And won
I have etched all charms of virginity
I am here clung in humans flesh
Don’t take my mortality like it was mere yesterdays
I fear it and its glinting sheath
I am here so let me stay
Every breath alive is another day
Of my countable eternity
I will not be put to rest,
Until the world has swollen on me
Past my aching’s best
Taken all that is truly left.
I have, i will, i am
Always i shall remain in this time
This etiquette,
No further past or future to roam.
My living, my all, my sovereign.

Skin within skins.

I commit to you
Expect some gratification,
But for what I don’t know.
The committing amidst the commitment?
The love which is of no choice to me?
There is this sudden irk
I keep thinking of how much I love you
Then waiting as though answers
Sprout answers.
I want to cling to you
To happiness
A nonsense to want what you have.
So i notice a deathly onset brooding
The recoil i am rejecting.
Skin within skins.
Something in the headlights.

As though

I capsize to the heavy
translucent of kin.
I am strong and lean
numb in the fires.
Intricate is my captor
freedom often a cave,
calling in the dark
false echos
slim vibration.
I am so far
I am so far,
how cool a secret can sear.
I am as though no one was here.