As though

I capsize to the heavy
translucent of kin.
I am strong and lean
numb in the fires.
Intricate is my captor
freedom often a cave,
calling in the dark
false echos
slim vibration.
I am so far
I am so far,
how cool a secret can sear.
I am as though no one was here.

Patience and Boredom

Patience is not waiting with grace, but occupying the time between now and your desired outcome productively.
Boredom is a slow drowning by sand, the urge to itch, consume, breathe and die, immobilise you into a thoughtless thoughtful manner whereas you become a great boulder and your brain a great corridor too small for you to roll down “I am so bored I could die”, I dare say it is truly possible.
That is why patience is the latter and not the first, gracefully waiting is a risky process. Can anyone really afford to die in waiting?

30 Day Poetry Challenge


30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

Day 3- Find…

Doing this for fun, starting sometime next week most likely x

Hotpot Hugging

Hail the water
Love the bugs
Praise the birds
Kiss the thugs
Blue or Red
'nough said,
A bed astride the river,
My castle at sea,
The beauty!
The wonder!
My Liverpool and me

(Just a bit of dandy and love)

See a doctor

They shrink you down to size
sketch your psychologies
in words and waves
to paragraphs on plinths,
you cross your arms
you stutter your shoulders
what for?
You are minuscule
You are readable
You can be cured just like the rest of us.
Get back to work and be done with it.


As I dissipate notes of weather
my body contorts “do you remember me?
I remember you”
we are all but tethers and frays


It had occurred to me that all human beings are divided
into those who wish to move forward
and those who wish to go back.

-Louise Glück


the free lines

I am clear
posses me
fake it through the free lines
tell me you’ll be near
with oblique silences
and when it’s now
and when you’re far
I’ll know every ambiance
was a silver flicker of a lie
my heart melted into my brain
another paranoia
another sickness

I shall be braving some poetry readings over this year again I do believe- wish me look ;)