I miss you like
Dawn and the day
Few moments of doubt
That the sun will return

Monster tongue

Monsters are we
Different in height,
Flawed yet so persuasive
Our tongue and its might,
With words and wounds
We can conquer the dust,
Send it extinctions
For anything we lust.

We are

we are restless and empty
proving the unproven has proved too proven
always striving to be correct
when it can be so luxurious
finding you are wrong

The lazy lovers lymric

Lets not play a game of knife or jack,
Lets not put the mystery back-
Lets get cosy and sprawl some more
And half argue over the same old chore;
Lets not spite, lets not dance
Lets not attempt to inspire romance,
Lets decay till we are raw,
‘Till the generations figure out what life is for;
Lets be lonesome, lets be quiet
Lets not give a toss about our diet!
Lets be a little longer on this floor,
Entwined as one in our own world’s core.

I want you to stay as you are
Stop moving forward
Stop chasing time
Stop dreaming, doing, accomplishing,
Be happy as you are,
Stop progressing,
Enjoying, living
Without me,
I want you to stay,
To have stayed,
And stilled my objectful heart.

Old love

Old loves crawl back
To your arms like a babe,
singing their lullaby
Brushing away wisps of hair
Finding you’re cradling nothing but air
And your words float to your sight
Sticking in the wind
You step away
Cut the passed behind glass,
The night expands
There are no stars to map paths of pasts.
Old loves crawl back
Then remain, forever ungrown
A seed no one else knows,
A glimmer of shadow amongst shadows
Only you have the will to recall.

One liner plucks

He loved me in hindsight, what is the use in that?

- jennifer ratcliffe


And so we fall,
Into the iron grip of life
Each breath tighter than the last
Until one day we shatter,
And can breathe again.

Outstanding! Thank you for sharing it!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it :)

Self invigilation

Goodbye old Satin,
I’ve wrapped my roses in silk,
You see I’ve grown tired
of imitation
and sugared appraisals.
You be happy being You by Yourself,
I’ve quite taken to doing the same
Sweet agreeable solitude.
The blessing of owning
a mind.
Self invigilation
freely roaming lifeline.

Have a nice weekend *waves* :)